Where will World Junior 2021 be hosted?

The 2022 edition is to hold in the same venue. It will hold in Edmonton and Red Deer in Alberta province of Canada. The global body in charge of hockey decided to retain the next edition in the same place to help those people who have invested heavily in this year’s edition. To ensure that they do not lose heavily, The next edition is to hold at the same venue.

If that happens it is going to be the 15th time the country is host this international event and that 2022 edition world juniors is the 46th edition of that competition.

Before the pandemic explode, it was initially agreed that the 2022 edition was to hold in Gothenburg Sweden. However, because of the recent development, Sweden and Canada had agreed to swap the hosting arrangement. The swapping means that Canada will not host the 2022 edition while Sweden will take the 2024 edition.

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