I did not receive the email on Sept. 17 with my World Junior ticket options. What do I do?

Check your mail very well. If you do not get the mail right in your inbox, you can also check it in the junk folder, it may get into the spam folder of your mail. Moreover, ensure that you check the correct email. The correct email is the one you used in purchasing that ticket. The title for that email is Important World Junior Announcement, and this was sent on September 17th.

If after checking through and you are certain that you do not get that email, then you can contact the organizer through this email address info@rogersplace.com for assistance. Ensure that you provide that can assist them to help you. Provide the name you used in purchasing the ticket as well as the email address you used and The place you intended to use The package whether it is Edmonton or Red Deer. You will get help from The organizers.

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